LifePharm Global Network believes in the importance of recognizing its Independent Business Owners for a variety of accomplishments, beginning with Rank. LPGN’s ranks range from Silver all the way up to Royal Diamond. Our company offers the opportunity for our IBOs to promote rank when they want to. When IBOs choose to meet the specific performance criteria assigned to each rank, they have the ability to promote themselves! They are in control of their own success!

For each rank there is a Matrix Volume requirement per month for 2 consecutive months with a 60%:40% Matrix leg balance. All IBOs meeting rank advancement criteria must be in compliance with Policies & Procedures, Terms & Conditions and in good standing with LPGN. LPGN reserves the right to edit, modify and alter the Compensation Plan at anytime.

Royal Diamond Director


LPGN’s most esteemed level of directorship is Royal Diamond. We look forward to our first of many IBOs who will reach the status of Royal Diamond Director. They will enjoy a trip for four on a luxury cruise coupled with a $500,000 bonus and an all access pass to LPGN private events and the LiFEvention convention.


  • 1,500,000 CV Matrix Volume
  • 600,000 CV Weak leg volume
  • 900,000 CV Strong Leg Volume
  • 100 PV
Diamond Director


An elite few have reached the prestigious level of Diamond Director. Diamond Director is the final step before reaching LPGN’s highest rank—Royal Diamond. The Diamond Directors have received a check for $100,000, a European trip for two and a Rolex watch. Diamond Directors also enjoyed an all access pass to LPGN private events and the LiFEvention convention.


  • 700,000 CV Matrix Volume
  • 280,000 CV Weak Leg Volume
  • 420,000 CV Strong Leg Volume
  • 100 PV
Titanium Director


Through dedication and hard work, LPGN IBOs have advanced to the Titanium Director level. We are excited to see this rank achievement continue as more of our Platinum Directors advance to this prestigious rank. As Titanium Directors, these individuals have received a $65,000 Car Bonus. Titanium Directors also enjoyed an all access pass to LPGN private events and the LiFEvention convention.


  • 350,000 CV Matrix Volume
  • 140,000 CV Weak leg volume
  • 210,000 CV Strong Leg Volume
  • 100 PV
Platinum Director


LPGN Platinum Directors are a valued rank of leadership. Their continued focus on the growth and development of their teams puts them on the road to success. With a commitment and focus on health and wealth, they are well on their way to the next rank level of leadership – Titanium. Platinum Directors have earned a $12,000 Car Bonus in addition to another $5,000 bonus.


  • 80,000 CV Matrix Volume
  • 32,000 CV Weak Leg Volume
  • 48,000 CV Strong Leg Volume
  • 100 PV
Gold Director


LPGN Independent Business Owners (IBOs) who reach the Gold Director level often show the tenacity to quickly move up the ranks. Gold Directors with LPGN have received a television, laptop, five-day cruise, and a $3,000 bonus. Upon achieving this rank, Gold Directors and above also received direct access to their own Premier Services concierge representative.


  • 50,000 CV Matrix Volume
  • 20,000 CV Weak Leg Volume
  • 30,000 CV Strong Leg Volume
  • 100 PV
Silver Director


The potential and dedication to reach the level of Royal Diamond begins here, at the Silver Director rank. This group of dedicated IBOs is truly our Diamonds in the rough and we look forward to cheering on each rank advancement they make with LPGN. LPGN’s Silver Directors have received an Executive Portfolio and a $1,000 bonus.


  • 10,000 CV Matrix Volume
  • 4,000 CV Weak Leg Volume
  • 6,000 CV Strong Leg Volume
  • 80 PV