Susan Barlin
Susan Barlin


At the first annual LPGN LiFEvention held in Anaheim, California in November 2013, Winston Suyanto, LPGN VP of Business Development, introduced the concept of the annual Heart of LPGN award. “The Heart award will be given each year to the IBO who shares LPGN with people who cannot help themselves. This award is about sharing ourselves with other people to help them create better lives. The award goes to the IBO who exemplifies humanitarianism, compassion, selflessness and an unconditional heart.”

In presenting the Heart of LPGN award to Susan Barlin, Wicky Suyanto LPGN Founder and CEO said: “The first time I met Susan, she said she would like to change the face of network marketing in the Philippines, so that she could help people make a living. Susan asked me for the opportunity to do business in the Philippines to help the many unfortunate there. She never asked me for any money. All she wanted was to be able to prove to me she could do it. Her positive attitude is important; but most of all, Susan has a heart of gold.”

It is said that those who have suffered know best how to alleviate the suffering of others. And so it goes with Susan’s personal saga. The result of a less than congenial family atmosphere forced Susan to start working at age 9. Susan says, “I became relentless in my desire to serve others. I developed the passion to do for others what I wish others had done for me.”

After years of struggling, Susan became so successful in real estate and publishing that by 2007, she had earned $10 million. Those fruitful years coincided with political turmoil in the Philippines and other Asian nations. “I was so unhappy even after having made so much money. My greatest passion is to give back and I had to find a way. I was tired of seeing Filipino families living on $5 a month. My earnings were not being transferred to the poor. People around me were barely able to survive on less than minimum wage.

“I began thinking about network marketing and decided I needed to find a company so phenomenal that it would be more than a business, it would become my mission. I found my mission in LPGN. I tell people ‘mission comes before commission.’ If you run after money, you can’t catch it. But if you are passionate about your mission, money will catch up to you! LPGN is a company where you can prove your worth, value and integrity. It is a company you can be proud of and can pass on to your children. With LPGN, my mission is to help people create a better way to live. Now I have found a way where money does transfer to the needy as I show them how to make money by pursuing life with purpose: that is my mission.”

  • Joined: December 2011
  • Heart of LPGN recipient: LiFEvention 2013
  • Previous Occupation: Real Estate & Publishing
  • Philippines