Rolando 'Olan' Ignacio, Philippines

Rolando Ignacio, Platinum Director – Philippines

“Laminine is the most amazing product I’ve ever worked with in 27 years. No other nutritional product does so much, for so many, for so little, so fast. The key is to talk to as many people as possible; tell them your story and the stories of others who have seen results. Ask for referrals and then go after them.”

Christina Malonda, Indonesia

Christina Malonda, Gold Director – Indonesia

“I joined LPGN in April 2013 and reached Silver in just three months. It has been amazing and I want to say thanks on behalf of my whole team.”

Rashid Temirbulatov, Emerging Market

Rashid Temirbulatov, Platinum Director – Emerging Market

“I heard a lot about my sponsors’ success. They took big steps in a small period of time. I tried to do the same and that’s how I ended up here today. I’m so grateful for such a great product and opportunity—I can’t help but go out and share it with everyone.”