Stan Holden
Stan Holden


As described by Winston Suyanto, LPGN VP of Business Development, “The Pinnacle award will be given annually to the IBO that embodies the LPGN culture of By You, For You. The Pinnacle is for the individual who works with and for everyone in the field as well as with all of us in the corporate offices.”

The Pinnacle is symbolized by a shooting star. As LPGN’s first Diamond Director, Stan Holden is somewhat of a celebrity and definitely a shooting star. Stan is an inspiration to aspiring IBOs.

Stan’s vision embodies what he calls “the 3 Ps for success: passion, purpose and persistence. What success really comes down to is putting together passion and purpose. With those two elements, you have a goal. When you see the results Laminine can produce, you have passion. When you marry that with an exceptional compensation plan, you have purpose. But you cannot succeed with only 2 Ps: you need the third, and that is persistence. You have to keep at it every single day.

“One day I decided to share a box of Laminine with someone. Shortly thereafter, I turned around and there were countless people standing behind me. It was during a time when there was no money to be had. I felt then as I do now: morally obligated to tell people about Laminine. It’s with that in mind and knowing that to truly lead is to serve, that I persist.

“To be a strong leader, you have to be flexible and have integrity. You need to be able to mesh with all types of personalities. I meet people from all walks of life and pick up on the things they say. I listen for a way to weave Laminine into the conversation and when appropriate, I let them know very quickly about the benefits. I don’t push but I find my personal testimonial and passion come across very well.”

“I encourage everyone to use the Virtual Interactive Partner (VIP) training platform. It gives people a personal way to push themselves to the next level. In other words, if I’m not making myself obsolete by teaching people how to fish, then I’m not doing my job right. LPGN has now given us the tools to keep moving forward. My perpetual goal is to help instill in LPGN leaders the attitude of looking for the trees on the horizon instead of just seeing the trees right in front of us.”

  • Joined: February 2011
  • First LPGN Diamond Director: September 2012
  • Pinnacle Award recipient: LiFEvention 2013
  • Previous Occupation: Artist, Graphic Designer, Cartoonist, Creative Director
  • California, USA