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Top Recruiter 2013
Peter Glickman

Peter Glickman, Silver Director

As a best-selling health author, Peter Glickman is certainly knowledgeable about nutrition and preventative medicine. He is clear that not everyone can do what he does; however, with his LifePharm Global Network business, he has learned how to be duplicable in order to bring in new people.

“The first thing I noticed in doing the VIP training is that I need to do what others can duplicate. The second is to use the awesome B.A.N.K.™ system. If you find the type of the person you are talking to, you can make an amazing impact very rapidly.”

Peter’s primary method of communicating with his organization is via email. He systematically emails them information on business building and includes a brief explanation of how they can access the training platform. His general weekly emails go out to a list 23,000 and then he drills down from there. A few hundred distributors will also receive additional weekly emails with more specific information. Customers who are not business builders receive separate emails.

In addition to targeted emails, Peter also makes conference calls regularly, scheduling at least one product call each month—as few as 14 and as many as 60 people participate on the calls.

Peter says, “I never did network marketing successfully before, but with Cheri Tree’s training, we now have a blueprint for making $100,000 a year. I am going to apply that strategy and make it work.”

Rick Goltz

Rick Goltz

When Rick Goltz gives his personal testimonial, he makes a memorable impression. Once a professional football player, Rick talks about the physical toll on his body and the transformation he has experienced with Laminine.

“I usually take 2 Laminine capsules in the morning and then 2 some time in the afternoon. I like to describe my experience as brain changing, because it not only has changed how I feel, but it has also changed how I think.”

Determined to build a successful LifePharm Global Network business, Rick has used what he has learned so far on the VIP training platform to sharpen his focus. He says, “My personal B.A.N.KTM code is ANKB, so I am someone who needs to take action and then nurture people. I now realize what I need to do, how to set goals, and how to create a successful business. My short-term goal is to acquire two Silver Directors and longer term, to make at least $100,000 this year!”

Adrian Mathews

Adrian Mathews, Diamond Director

It’s no secret that to be a good recruiter, you need to reach out to a lot of people. To be a top recruiter, you have to do more than that. You have to talk to virtually everyone you meet. Adrian Mathews does just that, and he encourages all LifePharm Global Network distributors to do the same.

Adrian energetically repeats his mantra to one and all. “Share, share, share. Don’t be a secret agent, or your business won’t grow. Keep talking to everybody, whether you’re at the grocery store, the gas station, or the post office. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking with someone or not. Just talk, and talk loudly enough, so that the six people in front you and six behind you can hear what you’re saying.

“You just ask everyone, ‘Do you know anybody who wants to be happier, calmer, more focused and get the best night’s sleep ever?’ Someone is going to raise his/her hand. They won’t know unless you tell them!”