Irene Savchin
Irene Savchin


Irene Savchin is a believer and practitioner of recognition. During the lead-up to the unveiling of this year’s Heart of LPGN recipient, she was busy video recording the event. All of Irene’s video recordings eventually end up as part of her and her team’s presentations about LifePharm Global Network, the products, the opportunity and the lives it has transformed.

As the video about the 2014 Heart of LPGN rolled, Irene’s eyes opened slightly wider as she discovered that she was the honoree. What did she do? Irene continued watching the video but also, continued recording. This dedicated behavior is precisely what makes Irene an LPGN role model and the Heart of LPGN.

After hugs from the executive team, Wicky Suyanto said to Irene, “You are the Heart of LPGN and we are so excited to celebrate your achievements. I’m so proud to stand here to congratulate you.”

Known as a master of impromptu speeches, Irene was true to form, even though she was teary with emotion. Holding the Heart of LPGN statuette, she spoke with clarity and conviction.

“Exactly three years ago I came here to California and found this company. My dearest friend Brian Smith wouldn’t give up on me. He knew I would love this company, so he bought me a ticket to California. What I saw blew my mind away. I saw big checks. I saw the compensation plan. I saw all the amazing incentive gifts. I went home and was thinking, ‘Who do I call first?’

“The people I called are the luckiest. I have tremendous results with Laminine and have helped so many people. Now after three years I have so many people who are teammates.

“One of the best outcomes is that I helped my father. He had so many health challenges. My papa is now 85 years old. Everyone tells me that ‘people at his age usually gain physical issues but your father no longer has health complaints.’ And It’s because of Laminine and Laminine Omega+++. This is the opportunity I share with everybody.

“And me? I remodeled my house last year with money paid by LPGN. This year I put a $65,000 Mercedes Benz in my garage. Isn’t that wonderful? Look at how many Platinum directors were here on this stage! Each of them got a thousand, three thousand, five thousand dollars, computers, TVs and more. That’s just the beginning.

“Can you imagine how many people need Laminine in each country in the world? Just put this information out all over the world. What can people do with this information? Mayb ethey will join the team and we will fill this room with more people, happier people every year.

“Today is the best day of my life. Welcome to the best years of your life! Laminne! We were screaming like this every day during our cruise , maybe 10 times a day. We just want to find more happy people. This is the right company to be with if you want to be happy. That’s our mission: happy people. If you want to be happy, join us and work with us.”