Susan Barlin
Susan Barlin


Celebrated for her enthusiasm, kindness and passion, Susan Barlin is well known in the Philippines and now, throughout the LifePharm Global Network world. She was selected as the 2013 Heart of LPGN, and this year, was honored as the 2014 Pinnacle recipient.

“You have a personal mission to put Laminine in every home in the Philippines,” Wicky Suyanto said, “and your consistent work brings you closer to that goal every day. Thank you for everything you have done.”

Visibly surprised, Susan said she was sitting with her group, wondering who would be the Pinnacle this year when the video rolled and she saw photos of herself with various members of her team.

“I am very surprised,” said Susan. “I was not expecting this. I receive this humbly and this will continue to inspire me. I was talking to one of my leaders and he told me, ‘You are our Mother Teresa. You have done for us everything she did for the world.’

“Five years ago, that’s what I wanted to do: to give my life to help the poor in poor countries. I’m so happy I found a home in LifePharm Global Network in doing that. I would not only be there to help them and feed them and wipe them and caress them but also to help them financially and with their health.

“LifePharm Global Network provides what we need in our mission to help the poor. Look at our great new products. Look how LifePharm Global Network created them. We don’t just leave our products out there for the heck of it. Wicky would never do that. I tell him so often how we can’t survive with just one product, and he says it takes time. He tells me we cannot just produce any product. It has to be a very good product. And the new products launched today are amazing. I cannot wait to go home and help more people.

“Again, it feels so good to really be the missionaries of this mission. In the Philippines I teach our people ‘mission before commission.’ When you have a goal in life that is bigger than money, nothing, no problems can stop you from waking up in the morning and standing up in front of people, telling them about the products and the opportunity, and going to sleep every night with a smile on your face, because you know you have done something to honor the value of life, which is really to serve others.”