A LifePharm IBO who reaches the rank of Emerald and maintains that rank for two consecutive months begins to receive a monthly cash allowance of $1,500 to use toward a new car. Emerald IBOs have received a rank reward of $7,000 bonus.

Jasmin El-Assal-Zimmerman, Germany

Michael Berges, U.S.A.

"When I first started with LifePharm, the Emerald rank did not exist yet. If the current plan existed back then, I would have reached Emerald within the first six months. I now make the monthly payments on my new Toyota 4Runner TDR Pro with the car cash bonus!

"First of all, I know how well the products help people and I’m happy with every great review. I truly enjoy helping people to succeed just as I did with LifePharm. The success of my partners is also part of my success.

"I use numerous ways to contact prospects, including social media, email and phone, but I find the phone with face-to-face is the most important. My short-term goal is to help my business partners reach their next ranks as quickly as possible. By doing so, I will achieve my long-term goal of becoming the first Royal Diamond IBO of LifePharm!"

Andreas Haas, Germany

Jozef Kliment, Slovakia

Andreas Haas, Germany

Sandor Somogyi, Hungary

“After achieving Gold rank, I began to identify leaders on my downline interested in partnering with me in the business. I then spent time with them one-on-one, telling them what I wanted to achieve and to see if they had the same aspiration as I did on this journey. I began to investing them what I knew and how to actively recruit new members to our business in addition to training our downline. We began having spontaneous presentations monthly, anywhere from 12 to 15 in Hungary and Romania. I began brainstorming innovative ways to further create duplication within the business—three-way calls online, product and business opportunity webinars, Skype conferences with other countries, etc. Nothing beats face-to-face contact, but it all came together!

“My motivation to move up in rank was to demonstrate to my frontline and my downline that it is possible to succeed in this business and they can advance rank as well. It's challenging and you must put the effort in, but nothing is impossible! The Suyanto family showed me this and they were right!”

Andreas Haas, Germany

Daniel Szpak, U.S.A.