Sugarcane is the main cash crop, supplemented by cashews, cardamom, betel (areca) nut, and grapes. Top Posts & Pages. Population and percentage share to total population - Karnataka and Districts : 2011 20 Chapter-1 : Population, Size and Decadal change ... Census 2011 for Karnataka up to district level are presented. In contrast Kodagu district has the lowest density with 135 persons per The area of Karnataka is 191,791 sq. The lowest recorded temperature was 2.8 °C (37.04 °F) at Bidar on 16 December 1918. List of districts of Karnataka with Population, Literacy rate, Sex Ratio etc. urban population is more   higher than rural. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Karnataka State Board Social Science Geography Class 9 Chapter 10 Population of Karnataka Exercise Question and Answer. Kodagu district has the lowest density of w’ith 135 persons per Country’s IT hub Bangalore has the lowest sex ratio at just 908 females per 1,000 males as per Census 2011 which pegged Karnataka’s population at 6.11 crore. With a total population of over 70 million, Karnataka is the ninth largest state in India in terms of Population. Required fields are marked *. The total figure of population living in urban areas is 23,625,962 of which 12,037,303 are males and while remaining 11,588,659 are females. Population of Karnataka. The current literacy rate of KARNATAKA is about 75.60 % as per 2011 calculation. Karnataka - Karnataka - Economy: Agriculture engages the majority of the population. Your email address will not be published. Karnataka State has 30 districts and 4 administrative divisions. When district-wise density is considered , Bengaluru Urban district has the highest density at 4378 persons per sq. The ratio is just 908 females per 1,000 males as per Census 2011. Karnataka has a population of 6,10,95,297 peoples. Karnataka - Karnataka - Economy: Agriculture engages the majority of the population. Karnataka’s population was 6.11 crore as per the census of 2011. Social. Rural and urban population. [4] On 18th November 2020, the state cabinet meeting, chaired by Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, gave in-principle approval for creation of the Vijayanagar district, which will be carved out of Bellary district , to become the 31st district in the state. Karnataka’s population constitutes 5.1% of India’s population. Yes Bengaluru Urban is the large city in terms of population and others, but it's small in size. Population, Religion, Caste, Literacy, Sex ratio data of Kolar District as per Census 2011 Karnataka; KARNATAKA - District, Village, Pincode There are total 31 districts under KARNATAKA state. The survey was carried out from September 3 to 16 across 30 districts in the state. Kodagu is the smallest district in the State with an area of 4102 Sq Km covering 2.14% of the total area of the State. Before 1956, it was an administratively separate Coorg State, at which point it was merged into an enlarged Mysore State. Check out the table showing the length of the major District Roads (MDR) of Karnataka. Karnataka has a total land area of 191,791 km² and accounts for 5.83% of the total area of the country (measured at 3,288,000 km²). Population of Karnataka. The first sero-survey to estimate the prevalence of COVID-19 in the state was conducted between September 3 and 16. Map of Karnataka showing tribal population as percentage of total population in each of its 30 districts. Population of Karnataka - Karnataka is one of the major states of South India. As per the Census 2011, Karnataka is divided into 30 districts (zilla) which act as the administrative divisions. The coastal plain is intensively cultivated, with rice as the principal food crop, followed by sorghum (jowar) and millet (ragi). Revise with Concepts. It plays an important role in the economic development of that area. As per ISO 3166-2:IN standard - the ISO code of Karnataka is IN-KA. Going by estimated figures of 2020, there are 70,462,375 people living in the state of Karnataka. Q2. Kolar district of Karnataka has total population of 1536401 as per the Census 2011. How to Pay Traffic Fines Online in Bangalore. 2011 census report Q1. Ans:  Karnataka is the most urbanized state. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.