£4.49 + £6.49 P&P . They are endemic to Indonesia, and are found on the island of Borneo. Bucephalandra Rainbow Marble. Microsorum pteropus Java Fern Mat. Out of stock. novina.pl. Create New Account. “Βous” and “kephale” mean “a bull” and “a head”. Press alt + / to open this menu. Nanga Taman "Red Cherry" Nanga Taman “Black Ventii” Nanga Taman “Brown Grande” Nangataman. Bucephalandra are slow-growing, hardy and attractive plants. Bucephalandra Rainbow Marble. The plant is very slow growing, with new leaves sprouting from long, thin rhizomes. It can be grown submerged or immersed. Out of stock. Quick view add to tank. Schismatlogosis roseopatha is one of the schismatlogis that can be submerged. Search; Cart; Register | Login | Sitemap | Facebook | Google+ | © 2020 BucephalandraEU | Login | Sitemap | Facebook | Google+ | © 2020 BucephalandraEU In botanics these plants have been known since 1858. Pet Service. Common Name: Bucephalandra Rainbow Marble Buce Rainbow Marble is an easy plant, perfect for beginners. Boyce. Teras layercake. "brownie" blue" $12.99. Bucephalandra Rainbow Marble, yeni başlayanlar için bakımı olan kolay bir bitkidir. Regular price $23.00 Sold out. Bucephalandra Rainbow Marble. The Bucephalandra grown by Aquarzon for sale online are fully aquarium submersed grown in Australia except for a few varieties which are emersed grown. Click edit button … Home Read More » with Game Marbles Rules. Watch Queue Queue The name of the kind – Bucephalandra is connected with the name of the horse of Alexander the Great – Bucephalus (Bous + kephale = Βουκέφαλος, Bukefalos). Regular price $11.99 View. Köksapı keserek çoğaltılabilir. Regular price $34.00 Sold out. Choose Quantity. They are grown in rivers and streams in swift current, occasionally - on the riverside. Aug 23, 2018 - Common Name: Bucephalandra Rainbow Marble Buce Rainbow Marble is an easy plant, perfect for beginners. Bucephalandra Mix on Driftwood. Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available. La Bucephalandra is a rhizome aquatic plant from the Araceae family found in fast flowing rivers, very similar to Anubias and Cryptocorynes. Bucephalandra Black Tears. Kapit 4. We have grown this for more than 2 years and the initial stock was purchased from a very experienced hobbyist in Australia. They are rare aquatic plants with a unique appearance. Please be sure to remove this plant from its pot. Bucephalandra Flora. The creation of this beautiful variation stemmed from a random mutation that was first found in a standard Bucephalandra Green Wavy. Ultra- Green. Please research appropriately to ensure your plant thrives. Bucephalandra Rainbow Marble Bucephalandra Brownie Phoenix Bucephlandra sp. "Rainbow marble", Bucephalandra species Verschlagwortet mit Bucephalandra sp. These lovely and highly variable plants are native to Borneo, and they are being cultivated in a few nurseries. It can be propagated by cutting the rhizome and attached to driftwood and rocks using super glue gel or thread. Buy Bucephalandra "Rainbow Frost" Portion of plant with more than 5 leaves on the rhizome. Bucephalandra sp. This will cause it to melt and rot. Farm-Nachzuchten, keine Wildentnahmen. Lamandau Mini red. Due to its small size and low, creeping habit, it makes an ideal epiphyte on the hardscape of … Veľkoobchod a obchod s rastlinami a akvaristikou. Regular price $22.00. The plant is very slow growing, with new leaves sprouting from long, thin rhizomes. Sections of this page. Picture Information. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,556 $8.99 $ 8 .