With Revo EZStation Software, design your own custom layout of which cameras you would like to view with Video Wall or even lay them out on a custom map of your property with E-Map. We are so glad to see that you are enjoying the peace of mind that Defender strives to provide our customers with! Hello SunnyNC. Yes. Featuring 4K (8MP) ultra-high definition and remote viewing with instant notifications, you can check on everything from deliveries to precipitation. This is the same level of encryption used by major banks, as well as Apple’s “unhackable” phone encryption", "The daytime image quality and resolution are absolutely the best you’ll find at this price point", FREE Additional SD Card on All Phoenix Purchases, 4K Ultra HD 4TB Security System with 16 Cameras, 4K Ultra-HD gives you 8.3 million pixels, which is four times a standard 1080P security system. I paid $400 for the system and wish I would have saved that money to buy a much better quality product. With this HD security system, you can keep tabs on what's happening at your home or business and watch the high-quality video on your tablet or smartphone anytime. Hardest part of the job is fishing the wires through the walls/ceiling. Love it! I bought the 4K1T4B4V2 model system in based on the description, on August 10, 2020 in the description it is announced as a 4K tv lines and 20 fps system, which is a lie, the maximum output of this DVR is 1080P and the max fps is 8fps. The purpose of my complaint is to make this situation known, and that other people are not misled by this company. My (technically inclined, electronic engineer) son spent about six hours installing the four cameras, but WOW ... the resolution is AMAZING, better than we expected! Don’t go crazy adjusting menu settings but keep password strong. This system was designed to bring you the peace of mind you deserve, at the best value possible. (49) We always recommend using the wires that are provided to guarantee the best quality in our 4K systems. Includes 4, IP67 rated weather resistant cameras with night vision of up to 100 ft. Live View: 2MP: HD 1080p Recording: 8MP: 4K (Footage must be exported from DVR and viewed on a 4K device to view 4K quality). Day or night, you should always feel safe and secure. I’ve had several Defender security Camera system through the years, and have never been disappointed, however after receiving the NEW 4K camera system I have to say I’m more blown away by the picture quality of these cameras and the features of the DVR not to mention the Defender 4K app, if your looking into a new system or replacement system look no farther , this is the one to order and don’t look back your gonna be blown away by the picture quality, ease of dvr use and the app, your not gonna find a better system for the low price... the notification are awesome .... get yours today.... Hello Dylansdad, Thank you for taking the time to review the 4K security system. apps options you can’t go wrong with DEFENDER SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEMS, they have always stood behind there products with me, that’s all I got to say in my honest strait forward review about my recent purchase ... Hello Dylan's Dad, thank you for recommending us to your neighbor and installing the system for them, what a great neighbor to have! The photo(s) I include don't do it justice. The software is feature rich, has many options. Our customer feedback is what matters most to us here at Defender! Bought this May29 2020. The user interface inside the DVR is very glitchy and cumbersome to work with. Clear pictures on the cameras. Very happy with this security system. Melissa C. | Defender Customer Experience Expert. Unexposed wires and rigid mounts protect against tampering. Internet OptionalRemain secure even if the Internet goes down. Combining our ClearVu ™ image technology with an integrated IR cut filter gives you brilliant detail, day or night, so you can distinguish faces and license plates. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.