Likewise, those classes that lack peer leadership can be the most difficult to handle. Something I think any educator would appreciate about this book is the ease with which any of these activities could be used in the classroom once students are aware of their own multiple intelligences. All of my students possess various seen and unseen abilities. Character strengths seem to help students adjust to school, from the beginning of elementary school through middle school and beyond; they have been associated with satisfaction with school, academic self-efficacy, and positive classroom behavior. Rather than getting irritated or frustrated, you need to work out why a mistake is recurring in the class. When your students feel your enthusiasm in teaching, they definitely will listen with more concentration. There are numerous strengths and weaknesses of a student, from an employer's perspective. Students make the same mistake repeatedly. Narrative Examples: Student Strengths *Please note these are examples of what statements might look like for various students. I have to fill out a classroom eval to get the process going. Class disobeys a classroom rule knowingly. Today was an especially tough day, and I just have no positive words in my brain tonight!! The … Her ability to understand directions Whole classes have their own unique personalities and often those classes with good leaders are good classes. My English language learners speak two languages, and my autistic student may have an incredibly analytical mind. ... might make a bulleted list of the definitions of point of view or create a found poem from a first-person text from the classroom. Associated Deficits of Autism (For full IEP, refer to Appendix Example A) Gina has many skills that benefit her ability to succeed in school. A framework for giving students choice in demonstrating their understanding of course content. Some of the most important examples of academic strengths are critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, resilience and goal setting. Playing to Students’ Strengths. Determining whether you should employ a high school or college scholar takes a bit of consideration. Can you help with some generic strengths that may fit for this child? Identifying and building students’ strengths. Students can develop academic strengths early in life to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. From my strengths I can mention good listening skills, and an ability to understand the emotions and problems of young children rather quickly Children are rarely bored with me in the classroom, becasue I always try to make the lessons engaging, and interesting for them. If you are succeeded in getting the students involved in the topic then half part of your classroom management has worked successfully. Teachers love good students who are natural leaders within their classroom. Some students tend to distract you or the class intentionally. Instead of thinking of my students’ diverse identities as problems to fix, through professional development I have come to understand their differences are strengths. Various strengths … One of the parts of the evaluation is "list student's strengths". They want to be keen on the topic that you were teaching as to what interests you so much about that topic. Students fail to understand a topic even when you have explained it many times. It's not just a matter of scheduling issues.