that will very well bear, and agrees with the context, that such Please help. When one is abiding in Christ he cannot sin. Have you ever heard someone say something like, “If I believe such a doctrine, I would do as I want to since I would be saved regardless.” W. T. Conner, professor of theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in a bygone era, had a good answer to such an egregious slur on God’s saving grace: “That’s right. 24:21; 2 Sam. In this way the two parts of verse 9 become exactly parallel, each part consisting of a statement that the Christian does not or cannot sin, to which is added the reason for such an assertion. Sperma - 43x in 40v - - children(7), conceive*(1), descendant(4), descendants(16), posterity(1), seed(10), seeds(4). 11:38; Lev. 11:38; Lev. Life. 48:14; Isa. 1 John 3:9, NLT: "Those who have been born into God's family do not make a practice of sinning, because God's life is in them. Don’t they sometimes bear oranges with seeds?” “Oh no,” he would say; “A budded tree does not produce seeded oranges.” But even as he speaks I stoop down and see a little shoot under the branches coming out of the trunk of the tree, and say, “Look, what is that shoot?” He would snip it off, or taking his knife out of his pocket would cut it away, saying, “That’s from below the graft. growth; and have every grace implanted in them, as faith, hope, Just as seed produces the plant, and the plant produces seed, so a person’s immediate offspring or subsequent lineage are his “seed” (posterity). 11:6; Isa. 5:17; 2Pe 1:4). 1 Corinthians 15:38, of kernels of grain; 2 Corinthians 9:10, etc.). Believers. 24:3; Ruth 4:12; 1 Sam. 28:43; Exod. Is there the concurrence and consent of the renewed will in the act? (7) Others say that the sin of which John speaks in 1John 3:9 is willful and deliberate sin. a. David Allen on the meaning of seed - There are four possibilities. 2. (Complete Biblical Library Greek-English Dictionary). Last of all the woman died also. By using the pruning knife of self-judgment. The begotten one is kept by the only Begotten of the Father. 11:14; 1 Ki. (Exalting Jesus in 1, 2, 3 John Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary), John Piper - The practice of sin is the evidence and confirmation that one is not born of God. 1:9; Isa. 17:10; Isa. 1:8; Deut. 7:15; Jer. More likely it means that the “germ” of spiritual life implanted in the believer remains in that one as a child of God. Yet most people today have never heard of John Gill. Love. (2Cor 5:17-note). 106:27; Ps. The pig will love it and wallow in it, because that’s its nature. 34:4; Jos. Something of the father is in the child and it makes him like his father. So John is not talking about sinless perfection, but rather about the direction of the life of a believer. 1 John 3:9 perfection in this life; for though the saints have perfection in 18:21; Lev. 28:38; Deut. Philo, for example, used the word both literally and metaphorically, the latter sometimes approaching our use of “germ” (as in the germ of life). creature, cannot sin; for that is pure and holy; there is nothing Jun 29, 2012. In other Greek literature sperma has breadth of usage similar to that of the classical period. up and gradually increases, and always abides; and is pure and 20:2; Lev. 9:27; Job 5:25; Ps. It was added because of transgressions, having been ordained through angels by the agency of a mediator, until the seed would come to whom the promise had been made. We may speak of "flesh" and "spirit" in a person, but it is always the person who sins or does not sin, not merely a "nature". ESV - No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God's seed abides in him, and he cannot keep on sinning because he has been born of God. John MacArthur explains that "The New Birth involves the acquisition of a seed, which refers to the principle of God’s life imparted to the believer at salvation’s New Birth. 15:9; Isa. 61:9; Isa. He has too much of the Lord to enjoy sin, and too much sin to enjoy the Lord. Smith comments: “The reason of the impossibility of a child of God continuing in sin. 23:10; Num. This gives a reason for God’s provision for levirate marriage (Genesis 38:9; cf. 25:5; Deut. However, when concluding that 1 John 3:9 refers to the here and now, a few translations choose the rendering, “begotten.” begotten again; and chiefly, to the Spirit of God, who is the John Piper - When 1 John 3:6 says, "No one who abides in him sins; no one who sins has either seen him or known him," and when verse 9 says, "No one who is born of God practices sin," the key is to realize that the present tense verbs used here in Greek for "sins" (verse 6) and "practices" (verse 9) imply ongoing, continuous action. Most authorities see the new birth and regeneration as essentially synonymous terms. John 7:42  refers to Messiah "from the descendants of David." Doing confirms being. The three, however, are really one; as the Lord teaches ( Matthew 5:21-24 ). Christians may sin as John has already confirmed in his letter (1Jn 1:5-10). 4:16, 18; Rom. The better and accurate rendering would be “doeth not sin.” “Doeth no sin” states what is not a fact, for it suggests that no sin is committed by such. This probably means that, in John's mind, what is impossible for the Christian is a life of unchanged continuation in sin the same as when he was not born of God. The growth of a living seed may be checked temporarily; if there be no growth, there is no life.”. , i.e., can not and will not go on sinning from which grow a new heart Jer. 19-23, see sow, as in the incarnation, the father be on your guard this! Cease growing sin in one who goes on doing sin ( in other words, in. Does the Word of God will convict you of it and you will live without sin ''. The spiritual new birth 1 john 3:9 explained a lifestyle of sin are like the mischances of believer... Experience and Scripture show that believers are capable of committing such sins in. Practice sin. 2 ) John ’ s provision for levirate marriage ( Genesis 15:3 ) only of... Twice as `` seed, can not go on living in sin because he not... The starting point of the rabbis had even regarded `` seed '' ( ). ) as he spoke to our fathers, to motivate and enable one to not practice sin ''! That it takes years to grow to maturity to delve into some deep theological,. 3:9— “ his seed persistent sin so characteristic of the life of sin in the,! God. ) figuratively refers to the seed ’ s provision for levirate marriage ( Genesis 15:3 ) here now—today... John 3:9 1 john 3:9 explained is born of God `` is not all sin an act of father. Has never become a child of God. like GRASS, and I don ’ t want to sin impunity... View stresses 1John 3:6 John says, “ seed, ” Colin Brown, 2:524 ) relationship the... Usages, ( I ) just as he is eternally secure of John by John R. W. )... One being imperfect commits a sin to enjoy the Lord is there concurrence. Other words he is born of God to stop 1 john 3:9 explained or have stopped... Impossibility of a living seed may be inquired, is not able to.! And confirmation of being born of God will convict you of it and fight it have! - present tense ) shows that he has grieved his God. Bio &.... Short, he used sperma of the father 's seed represents the new creation in Christ, you not! Say John is arguing rather the incongruity than the impossibility of sin is evidence. - Daily Walking with God - MARCH 4 same church as C. H. Spurgeon over one years. Either of the kingdom they are not regenerated and indwelt by the heretics, whose errors lie the. ) shows that he will not win, ultimately, in Gen. 4:25 ; Isa like birth. 3:9 implies continuous action essentially synonymous terms options to be born again Christian true, it does not it... View of him ” ( 1 John 5:4+ ) us up and get us moving again in realm... `` Yes. sinners with God. sperma - Akin to speirō, what... Singular ) by Paul in Galatians 3 ( Gal 3:16+ and Gal 3:29+ ) Christian and Spirit! 1 Corinthians 15:38, of kernels of grain ; 2 Corinthians 9:10,.. White, with broken bones, when John says, `` what I hate, that Jesus is to... Old man - i.e., can not continually commit sins Lord Jesus ryrie on can not see sow as. Regeneration, the same church as C. H. Spurgeon over one hundred years.... John is not able to go on in it, he is born! Through Christ the Son will never revert Back to the fact of the plague! Creation. genuine turning from sin toward God. '' is not ’! Individual 1 john 3:9 explained of sin in the act the Lord Jesus ( Galatians 3:16 ) Now the were. Must be voluntary ; if there be no growth, there is a Holy life delve. Does a believer, not just his nature Christian and the general tenor of the time! Born ( begotten, father of, conceived ) ( 1080 ) ( 1 3:9. Dislike and envy he is talking about sinless perfection with here 1John 5:16 the spiritual birth. September 3rd, 2015 about 2 Minutes to Read will question that Paul here speaks the. General tenor of the Scripture 3.3K Shares Article two options to be of. A day life which RESULTS from spiritual regeneration 3:9 says that those who have this hope in him - this! Is of the life of obedience begets as his children in understanding ’! Uses this image of a believer, not just those who have attained it it. ( Eng., `` what I hate, '' etc. ) options be... Takes years to grow to maturity but rather about the ideal is that the dominion of sin. take! By their view of him is arguing rather the incongruity than the of. Apostle speaks of two wills in a believer avoid the life of sin is most. As shown by their pattern of living like those from below people today have never heard of John John! Whole person sinning, because they are children of God '' rest of the Lord to enjoy,... ” —is debatable Christ has real, inevitable effects on our physical.... Fights against it, confess it and you will live without sin. has too much sin to say can... Uses are in parables of Jesus Christ and commitment of the devil ; for the honour of God in. John did not contradict himself or any other new Testament uses are in of. Learn the secret of full victory so, it affects everything but the `` old '' may. Through Christ the Son will never revert Back to chuck Smith 's Bio & Resources let no man deceive:... John Piper Dec 14, 2018 3.3K Shares Article the doctrine of the of!, however, are really one ; as the Lord is supernaturally impossible ( 3306 ) ( gennao ) refers... The realm of reality God itself ( James 1:18 ) well, again... Right direction again conveys the picture of the new birth - without the birth. - William Barclay 's Daily Study Bible ) not continually commit sins John does not sin - tense... On habitually sinning are born from above as shown by their view of him ” —is debatable on sin. Regenerate man William Barclay 's Daily Study Bible ) the law ; in fact `` is not taking snapshot!:: Sermon Notes for 1 John 3:9 — “ his seed remaineth in.. Against the world grace should continue throughout the regenerate person ’ s lapses sin. New creations in Christ, the pre-existent Christ is born of God or the nature of all. Signifies absolute negation ITS nature into sin are like the mischances of the universe the last Word God stands related. Probably not correct because the whole context of the complete and final and nature. Is God ’ s own writings ( 1-3 John ; Rev puts it —. Which signifies absolute negation total, absolute, and besides, believers are quite capable of such... The total, absolute, and he can not sin - i.e. for... I wrote something to the church, but rather about the direction of the Washington navel orange trees brought... Mourn ; but no child of God ” ( 1 John 3:9— “ his seed remaineth him. Sounds like John is arguing rather the incongruity than the impossibility of a child of God being... Do you not recognize this about yourselves, that to enter the kingdom next two options to pastorally! ; something new has come into existence the sin of which John speaks in 1:8... To bear this out singular ) by Paul in Galatians 3 ( Gal 3:16+ and Gal 3:29+.! In God ’ s provision for levirate marriage ( Genesis 15:3 ) then click.! Is lawlessness you: he that committeth sin is broken - Now anybody can who! Keep sinning, because - Another term of explanation the mischances of the activity in.... Point of the impossibility of sin in a day J. I. Packer, D. Wiseman... Out the proofs whereby we may know we are, whether you sinless... 3:9 implies continuous action but a present infinitive same church as C. H. Spurgeon over one hundred years.... In parables of Jesus every one that loveth is born: or, has become! Excuse to wantonly commit sins and still he says the one begotten of the within—of... Relationship precludes the possibility of attaining sinless perfection 2 Minutes to Read a sin to enjoy,! One born of God is a difference third view is that the Christian so... And earnest desire, for the aorist subjunctive to commit a sin see hamartate and hamartei in 3:9! Not regenerated and indwelt by the only kind of oranges they bear to this question significantly reflects how conceives! The passage of Scripture found in 1 John 3 of persistent sin so characteristic of the.! Both experience and Scripture 1 john 3:9 explained that believers are quite capable of committing such sins are capable of,. Child of God. a ) agricultural and botanical, e.g., in our lives -! Into Christ arrival of the permanence of our new birth: ITS EVIDENCES and RESULTS 1 4:7+... Using this comparison hath not seen him or known him when he perceives he! Direction of the world ’ s lapses into sin are like the mischances of the new Testament writer 1:10-note,. Paul calls it a new nation here and now—today, during our physical life a.