A LifePharm IBO who reaches the esteemed rank of Diamond and maintains that rank for two consecutive months begins to receive a monthly cash allowance of $3,000 to use toward a new car. Diamond IBOs have received a rank reward of $100,000 bonus.

Stan Brower
  • Joined: June 2011
  • Achieved Diamond Rank: April 2013
  • Top Earner: LiFEvention 2013
  • South Dakota, USA

Stan Brower, U.S.A.

Diamond Director Stan Brower is a veteran of the multilevel network marketing industry. In the past 30 years, he has tried working with several food supplement companies.

Stan says, “I have never had, with any other company, the success I now have with LifePharm Global Network. We worked hard for 10 to 20 years and didn’t even approach one third of what I’ve achieved with LPGN.”

As an engineer with an analytical mind, Stan enjoys hearing about the science behind LPGN products and how they work; however, his favorite experience is when average people call to relate how Laminine has changed their lives after nothing else worked.

Stan attributes his success to the LPGN product experience. A role model for other LPGN IBOs, Stan practices what he preaches. His enthusiasm is contagious and it’s easy to see why people want what he is talking about.

“I am a product guy, so I share why Laminine is different from other supplements. Most people who get a bottle of Laminine really notice a difference in a short amount of time, so they get excited and want to share it with others. When the volume grows, the money follows. It’s a product that flies off the shelf. You simply have to tell people about it. Other products we have worked with cannot begin to compete with Laminine. It keeps us the busiest and provides the most rewards.

“Be excited when you talk to people, let them know you have something life changing for their health and wealth. Talk to everybody, ask for referrals, don’t burn any old lists. Be persistent and don’t give up when someone says ‘no’. Believe that what you have will really change people’s lives and keep talking until you find the people who agree with you. I’m busy, excited and having fun. In 2½ years, our group has grown to 40,000 distributors.”

Looking to the future, Stan is “eagerly awaiting the opening of other countries where there are customers who can’t wait to participate fully in the LPGN marketing program. As a Diamond, I look forward to helping more people experience the health and wealth that comes from sharing LifePharm, which will push us to the next level. That’s fun, too. Since Laminine does more things for more people in a shorter time than anything else we have done, it keeps you busy, which is exciting.”

Stan Holden
  • Joined: June 2011
  • First LPGN Diamond Director: September 2012
  • Pinnacle Award recipient: LiFEvention 2013
  • California, USA

Stan Holden, U.S.A.

Diamond Director Stan Holden describes himself as an “action taker and nurturer.” He says, “I’m the person who will jump out of a plane and then put on the parachute. That’s the same way I approach business building. I like to build big, build fast, and take everyone along with me.”

As one of LifePharm Global Network’s pioneers in the United States, Stan can recall the company’s early days and knows just how far the business has come. Now that the first annual LiFEvention is a 2013 milestone, Stan says, “The energy and feeling that is present yet unspoken at LiFEvention makes attendance the number one thing anyone should do to grow their LPGN business.”

A graphic artist, creative director, and storyteller by profession, Stan personally experienced the effects of the economic downturn. Just when things seemed bleakest, Laminine entered his life.

“One day I decided to share a box of Laminine with someone. Shortly thereafter, I turned around and there were countless people standing behind me. It was during a time when there was no money to be had. I felt then as I do now: morally obligated to tell people about Laminine. It’s with that in mind and knowing that to truly lead is to serve, that I persist.

“To be a strong leader, you have to be flexible and have integrity. You need to be able to mesh with all types of personalities. I don’t have an ‘elevator speech’ that I use on everyone. I play it by ear. I meet people from all walks of life and pick up on the things they say. I listen for a way to weave Laminine into the conversation and when appropriate, I let them know very quickly about the benefits. I don’t push but I find my personal testimonial and passion come across very well.

“If I’m not making myself obsolete by teaching people how to fish, then I’m not doing my job right. LPGN has now given us the tools to keep moving forward. Never stop sharing. You can always help other people with this beautiful company and product. It is a pretty cool feeling to not only be able to help so many people with their health and wealth, but to be able to help myself and my family,” Stan asserts.

  • Joined: June 2011
  • Achieved Diamond Rank: April 2013
  • Top Earner: LiFEvention 2013
  • Oregon, USA

Adrian Mathews, U.S.A.

When Diamond Director Adrian Mathews talks about Laminine, he is a man on a mission. His mission is simple: get the word out to everyone that LifePharm has an amazing product that can benefit virtually anyone in today’s less than ideal environment.

“This crazy world that we live in,” says Adrian, “is one where everybody needs a product like Laminine. Other than LPGN, there’s no other company that has anything like it. Our food supply is so bad—it doesn’t have the nutrients we need. But with Laminine, you have 22 amino acids and a great delivery system with fibroblast growth factor. It’s like a conductor in front of an orchestra that tells the amino acids where to go in the body.”

Knowing about Laminine is not what makes for a successful business builder, and this is the point that Adrian focuses on, over and over again. Adrian energetically repeats his mantra to one and all.

“Share, share, share. Don’t be a secret agent, or your business won’t grow. Keep talking to everybody, whether you’re at the grocery store, the gas station, or the post office. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking with someone or not. Just talk, and talk loudly enough, so that the six people in front of you and six behind you can hear what you’re saying.

“You have to open up your mouth and tell someone about it. You need to tell people that LifePharm can give you the opportunity to reach your goals with their fantastic product, Laminine. The key in this business is to share and bless as many as possible with Laminine.

“You just ask everyone, ‘Do you know anybody who wants to be happier, calmer, more focused and get the best night’s sleep ever, without drugs?’ Someone is going to raise their hand. Never stop sharing this gift with others. They won’t know unless you tell them!”

Having found a livelihood that betters his life and the lives of others, Adrian is also working on his legacy. Having made a promise to paint his church when he reached the Diamond Director rank, Adrian fulfilled that goal early in 2013. He has set his goals even higher for the future and will continue efforts to make a difference in his community.